…for the individual?

That we must accept responsibility for our own lives; that we should pursue positive ideals and develop our potential; that we should enjoy life to the full in ways that respect the well-being of others.

…for human relationships?

That we need each other and must care for each other; that we should treat other people as well as we would want them to treat us; that respect, compassion and practical help are therefore fundamental values.

…for human society?

That communities and societies need to pursue positive ideals; that all states should promote open societies in which differences of opinion and lifestyle are accepted and state institutions are not biased towards any particular interest group; that societies ensure universal human rights and help their members to play full part at all levels within their community.

… for the whole world?

That the future of humankind and the natural world lies in our hands alone; that individuals and nations must be more responsive and co-operative if present and future generations are to benefit from, rather than suffer for, the advantages the industrial nations now have; that we must provide everyone with the security and means to control population growth; and that we must ensure that economic and social development respects the value and interdependence of all forms of life.