• Wrights Hill Trees

    For many years during the 1990s and into the twenty-first century the Humanist Society of New Zealand performed winter planting on Wrights Hill as part of the restoration project. Vivian Bogle was a member of the Society and also a member of the Wrights Hill Beautification Society and helped get trees. David McLeod at the… read more.

  • Dove-Myer Robinson

    Dove Myer Robinsonremembered at –Dove Myer Robinson Park, Parnell, Auckland Adapted from:Edgar, John. ‘Robinson, Dove-Myer 1901 – 1989’. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 22 June 2007http://www.dnzb.govt.nz/ Salesman, clothing manufacturer, businessman, local politician, environmentalist One of New Zealand’s most popular and colourful local politicians, Dove-Myer Robinson was the longest-serving mayor of Auckland city, holding office… read more.

  • Thomas Bloodworth

    Thomas Bloodworth Park, Remuera Bloodworth, Thomas 1882 – 1974Carpenter, trade unionist, local politician This biographical material is from: Bush, Graham W. A. ‘Bloodworth, Thomas 1882 – 1974’. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 22 June 2007http://www.dnzb.govt.nz/ Thomas Bloodworth was born on 10 February 1882 at Maxey, Northamptonshire, England, the seventh child of Ann Jesson and… read more.

  • Rationalist House

    Rationalist House, 64 Symonds St, Auckland The purchase of Rationalist House in 1960 by the New Zealand Rationalist Society of New Zealand was a proud time. This fine building on Symonds Street in the heart of Auckland was bought entirely from funds raised by members, without recourse to subsidies or external grants and without subsequent… read more.

  • Michael Savage

    Michael Joseph Savage, 1872 – 1940 Trade unionist, socialist, politician, prime minister He is remembered at Bastion Point, Auckland with a spectacular Savage Memorial. Michael Savage was born on 23 March 1872 at Tatong, near Benalla in Victoria, Australia, the youngest of eight children of Irish immigrants Richard Savage and his wife, Johanna Hayes. Michael’s… read more.

  • Charles Southwell

    Charles Southwell 1814 – 1860, GraveSymonds St, Auckland Charles Southward was a Freethinker, lecturer, newspaper owner, editor and actor. He is buried in Symonds Street, Auckland, close to Rationalist House, also in Symonds Street. His grave is not far from the gate, near the path and in good condition. In the third photograph the grave… read more.