We’re a national charity that promotes Humanism. We work on behalf of the millions of New Zealanders who are not religious to make sure their voices are heard in public policy and debate. 
We promote Humanism, secularism, reason, and science.

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About us

We regularly meet in Wellington and have members throughout New Zealand. We’re affiliated internationally to the IHEU and the United Nations Association of NZ. We are a non-profit society dedicated to Humanist thought and ideals in New Zealand. We support ethics; giving the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others; the constructive use of rational thought and scientific enquiry; democracy and human rights; personal liberty combined with social responsibility; a secular world based on observation, evaluation, and revision.

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  • July 2019 Newsletter- Kia Ora. We were dismayed to hear the news that Gulalai Ismail, human rights activist and Humanist International Board member, has been forced into hiding after demanding action over the notorious rape and murder of an 11 year old girl. Gulalai has been charged with sedition under anti-terrorism laws after taking part in protests to […]


  • Humanists gather in Auckland condemn “the politics of division”, resurgent in many parts of the world- Representatives of the worldwide humanist movement have condemned the spread of “the politics of division” in various countries and regions, and urged governments to resist consolidating power by demonizing minorities. Representatives of humanist and secular organizations under the umbrella of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) approved The Auckland Declaration Against The Politics of […]
  • Humanists from all over the world gather in Auckland- This weekend over 130 humanists from dozens of countries gathered in Auckland for a series of events hosted by the Humanist Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists. The events focussed on ending persecution against non-religious people around the world, as well as the discrimination they face in New […]
  • Tickets now available for the Humanist International Conference 2018, Auckland, 3-4 August- We’re pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for the Humanist International Conference 2018. Part of a series of events held alongside the IHEU General Assembly, this conference brings together human rights campaigners and humanist leaders from around the world for a once in a lifetime event in Auckland. About the conference New […]
  • New Zealand humanists announce details of the 2018 IHEU General Assembly and conference- In August this year we’re proud to be hosting members of the International Humanist and Ethical Union for a programme of humanist events. Humanist Conference 3 & 4 August 2018, Heritage Hotel, Auckland. International Humanist and Ethical Union General Assembly, 5 August 2018, Heritage Hotel, Auckland. Parliamentary reception, 9 August, Wellington. New Zealanders are increasingly stating that they have no religious […]
  • Bus company refuses to carry human rights charity’s poster campaign because it mentions religion- A national poster campaign calling for New Zealanders who don’t practice a religion to identify as not religious in the Census on 6 March has been turned down after bus company decided at the last minute to no longer carry any advertising mentioning religion whatsoever. The campaign is being led by the Humanist Society of […]
  • Non-religious New Zealanders encouraged to say so in this year’s Census- Posters are going up across New Zealand today as part of a national advertising campaign calling for New Zealanders who don’t practice a religion to identify as not religious in the upcoming Census on 6 March. The campaign is led by the Humanist Society of New Zealand, who give a voice to the growing numbers […]
  • Submission on the End of Life Choices Bill- Today we made a submission in support of the End of Life Choices Bill. You can read our submission below.   Justice Committee Secretariat Committee Secretariat Justice Committee Parliament Buildings Wellington 29 January 2018 To the Justice Committee, Submission on the End of Life Choices Bill This submission is from the Humanist Society of New […]
  • Freedom of Thought report for sixth year running shames New Zealand for discrimination against non-religious people- The 2017 edition of the 2017 Freedom of Thought Report has today highlighted “severe discrimination” against non-religious people in New Zealand. The report, published by the International Humanist and Ethical Union, has called New Zealand out for the severity of our outdated blasphemy law that is still lingering in our legislation, despite repeated attempts to […]
  • Humanists actively persecuted in seven countries in 2017 – says new report from International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU).- New trends in seven countries show active persecution of atheists and humanists in 2017 85 countries in total exhibit severe discrimination against non-religious individuals IHEU warns of impunity for murder of atheists, and state-supported persecution of the non-religious The 2017 Freedom of Thought Report highlights seven countries that have actively persecuted non-religious people this year. […]
  • Abortion and Euthanasia- The Humanist Society of New Zealand is currently finalizing a manifesto ahead of the upcoming political elections in September. There are many things worth lobbying for, but two that are being focused on are changing the laws around Abortion and Euthanasia.