Humanist Society Council

The day-to-day affairs of the Humanist Society of NZ are managed by a democratically elected Council, who are elected at the AGM.

Mark HoneychurchVice President021 885
Gaylene MiddletonSecretary(04) 232
Iain MiddletonVice-President(04) 232
Jolene Phipps
Lachman PrasadCouncillor
Rana Amjad Sattar
Aaron DaviesCouncillor
Peter ClemersonCouncillor
Colin WoodhouseCouncillor

The Humanist Society of New Zealand (Inc) was established in Auckland in 1967, where Council meetings were first held. The 1982 Council was based in Christchurch and in 1987 it moved to Wellington, where it continues to meet.

Former Officers of The Humanist Society of New Zealand

PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerElected
Jolene PhippsMark HoneychurchGaylene MiddlesonSara Passmore05/11/2018
Sara PassmoreMark HoneychurchGaylene MiddletonLachman Prasad29/10/2017
Sara PassmoreMark HoneychurchGaylene MiddletonLachman Prasad15/10/2016
Sara PassmoreMark HoneychurchGaylene MiddletonLachman Prasad17/10/2015
Mark HoneychurchIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonCormac Maguire18/10/2014
Mark FletcherIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonLachman Prasad12/10/2013
Mark FletcherIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonLachman Prasad29/09/2012
Mark FletcherIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens29/10/2011
Iain MiddletonKent StevensGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens31/10/2010
Iain MiddletonKent StevensGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens25/10/2009
Iain MiddletonKent StevensGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens19/10/2008
Kent StevensIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens14/10/2007
Kent StevensIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens15/10/2006
Kent StevensIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens16/10/2005
Iain MiddletonKent StevensGaylene MiddletonKent Stevens19/09/2004
Iain MiddletonKent StevensGaylene MiddletonBill McLeod03/04/2004
Iain MiddletonJeff HuntGaylene MiddletonBill McLeod12/04/2003
Carrick LewisIain MiddletonGaylene MiddletonBill McLeod17/11/2001
Iain MiddletonCarrick LewisMaureen HoyBill McLeod14/10/2000
Iain MiddletonCarrick LewisMaureen HoyBill McLeod11/09/1999
Carrick LewisIain MiddletonMaureen HoyMalcolm Mackenzie10/10/1998
Carrick LewisIain MiddletonMaureen HoyMalcolm Mackenzie04/10/1997
Jeanne van GorkomGeoff PalmerAnne FergussonJohn Siddal14/09/1996
Geoff PalmerEric GrimesVize/McCrackenPeter Offenberger29/09/1995
Des VizeClyde McClarenJoan McCrackenPeter Offenberger30/09/1994
Des VizeEric GrimesMaureen HoyPeter Offenberger10/09/1993
Jeanne van GorkomEric GrimesMaureen HoyPeter Offenberger11/09/1992
Jeanne van GorkomEric GrimesJim DakinDavid McLeod13/09/1991
Des VizeJim DakinBarbara CarrBarbara Carr02/09/1990
Des VizeJim DakinDavid McLeodT Thorpe/D McLeod08/09/1989
Jim DakinPeggy SlaterDavid McLeodRobert Perse03/09/1988
Jim DakinPeggy SlaterDavid McLeodRobert Perse20/09/1987
Bryon MannBrien HalpinCarol HalpinJune Stroud29/11/1986
Bryon MannRay CarrCarol HalpinJune Stroud28/09/1985
Ray CarrBryon MannCarol HalpinJune Stroud01/09/1984
Bryon MannValda WoodsCarol HalpinJune Stroud27/08/1983
Bryon Mann*Carol HalpinJune Stroud01/08/1982
Eric GrimesGeorge PirieDes R JenningsDr Peter Taylor02/08/1981
Dr Jim WoolnoughEric GrimesRay CarrDr Peter Taylor03/08/1980
Dr Jim WoolnoughDes R JenningsRay CarrDr Peter Taylor05/08/1979
Des R JenningsEric GrimesRay CarrDr Peter Taylor06/08/1978
Des R JenningsRay CarrNina BarracloughDr Peter Taylor04/09/1977
Eric GrimesRay CarrNina BarracloughDr Peter Taylor04/07/1976
Barbara MillerEric GrimesNina BarracloughDr Peter Taylor08/07/1975
Ray CarrEric GrimesBarbara MillerLawrence Southon08/09/1974
Ray CarrEric GrimesBarbara MillerLawrence Southon21/07/1973
Eric GrimesE SikkemaW Chase/L SouthonRay Carr21/07/1972
Eric GrimesE SikkemaRay CarrD C Worsley30/07/1971
K C LangtonEric GrimesRay CarrD C Worsley17/07/1970
K C LangtonEric GrimesRay CarrD C Worsley30/05/1969
E SikkemaEric GrimesW Facer/R CarrD C Worsley03/05/1968
Ray Carr [pro tem]*J Beadle/M GearyD C Worsley30/07/1967