Humanist Society of New Zealand Student Sponsorship Programme

A regular donation of $20USD a month will enable a student in Nepal to access a high-quality secular education. Please sponsor a young person today.

Payments may be made to a dedicated Nepal Account BNZ 02-0392-0094973-001. Email details to

In early 2014 HSNZ Council members Rochelle Forrester, Iain & Gaylene Middleton visited Kathmandu, Nepal. The purpose was to visit Eleanor Middleton, who for the past year had been volunteering with SOCH Nepal which included teaching at their Humanist School, Ambience International School.

It was inspiring to witness the dedication of SOCH Nepal members to the development of their school. SOCH Nepal says of their decision to start the school:

“SOCH realised that scientific and rational thinking is essential from childhood. When a person has grown up with a religious and superstitious mindset, it is hard to make them realise the importance of free thinking even if they want to know. Thus, along with several activists, SOCH Nepal realized the dream of opening a Humanist school in Nepal to make children think freely without any preconceived notions. The mission of the school is to get children to enjoy the process of discovery and reflect upon the vast possibilities of a human being. It is not an anti-religion school, but one where students can think for themselves.”

Because of the deep entwinement of Hinduism and Buddhism with daily Nepalese life, SOCH did not want to establish an anti-religious school. They desired a school where students are encouraged to think for themselves. Many of the school student’s parents have a religious background, and it is difficult to convince them of the need for free thought. It is challenging to work in a closed society using new ideas, but SOCH is very determined in their goal to help coming generations understand the need for free thought and a scientific attitude for Nepal’s future prosperity.

Nepal is still a country of superstition with many improper cultural, customary and traditional practices called Kuriti.  The Nepalese Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare has identified fifty-seven Kuriti that are still currently practised including untouchability, child marriage, sacrifice and witch-hunting.

Through the provision of secular education, SOCH’s vision is to eradicate these practices.

Your donation of $20USD a month will make a lasting difference to the life of a young person. Join our student sponsorship programme today.

After our Council members visited in 2014, HSNZ decided to set up a student sponsorship programme to enable young people whose families experienced financial hardship to attend Axis International School, which SOCH has been developing since January 2012.

The student sponsorship programme is a long term commitment to a student’s education until they have completed their final year exams. The sponsorship rate is set at US$20 per month for 12 months.

With the catastrophic 7.9 earthquake on 25 April 2015, the school has been damaged but continues to operate under tents. For the young people of Nepal a secular education is vital for the rebuilding of their devastated country.

We welcome your support for this programme. Communication between the sponsor and student will be established. Skyping between sponsor and student is also possible.

Please email us with the details of your transaction. (Payments may be made to a dedicated Nepal Account BNZ 02-0392-0094973-001)

If you have an interest in a long term commitment to secular, science based education for a young Nepali student please contact us at . Education for the children of Nepal is vital for their future as they will be part of their country’s rebuild. Sponorship may be by annual payment or by installment.

You may like to make a donation to our Special Education Fund which will be used to fund whereever there is a need.   Programmes funded will be by discussion between the school’s Management Team and the Humanist Society of NZ. Payments may be made to a dedicated Nepal Account BNZ 02-0392-0094973-001. Email details to .

If you are interested in learning more about the school, you can look at some photos taken from before the earthquakes, and some more recent photos taken since the earthquakes. You can also read our student profiles and excerpts from our Newsletters about the school’s progress.