Student Profiles

Bandana (13 years): ‘My parents are housemaids. We are not economically strong. We depend upon our father’s income. It is very difficult for my father to fulfil our family members basic needs. Even though, my family is extremely supportive of my endeavour; however, they cannot afford school fees.’

Sapana (9 years): ‘My parents are very small vegetable vendors. My family are giving what they can, but school fees are very difficult to pay.’

Sumana (14 years): ‘My family are housemaids. I have one small brother. It is very difficult for my parents to look after our general living. They are very concerned about our education but they are unable to fulfil it. They are giving us what they can.’

Pooja (7 years): ‘My parents are currently living in a small village in Nepal. I am living with my aunt in Kathmandu. I have two brothers who also live with my aunt. My aunt is also a widow. She also does not have any support from family members and she also has her own son to look after. Even though in these circumstances I am achieving good education from Ambience School, and almost always securing the highest in my class, help with school fees would ease some of the burden for my aunt.’

Laxmi (5 years): ‘I am now living with my grandparents. Unfortunately my parents left me out. And my grandfather is also suffering from partial paralysis. He is almost 60 years old. Nobody is supporting my grandparents. I am very thankful to my school for helping me. My grandparents are giving what they can.’

Minu (13 years): ‘My father is working as a general cycle mechanic. We are economically poor family. However, I did not stay with my parents because my parents are unable to help me with anything. Currently, I am now staying with one of my maternal relatives as general house worker/helper. I have tried to stay with my sister and brother-in-law in Kathmandu but my brother–in-law told me that they are also unable to help me with any kind of support. They are also struggling with their own problems.’