2023 Census Campaign

Are you a non-religious person? Many people in New Zealand today are proud to be non-religious, and want to be counted as such. The only way to achieve this is to mark ‘No Religion’ on the census form.

Some non-religious people also like to be known as Humanist, Rationalist, Atheist, Freethinker or Secularist, or by another title. However, if you do use any of these titles to describe yourself on the census form, you will be counted as religious under the category of: “Other Religions, Beliefs and Philosophies”.

Were you born into a religion but now see yourself as non-religious? The only way for you to be recognised as non-religious in the census is to mark ‘no religion’.

Five good reasons to mark ’No Religion

  1. Let’s get it right – The New Zealand Census is only held every five years, and it collects important data on our nation. It’s critical that we get it right.
  2. Fairness in public funding – when religious organisations are attributed more support than they actually have, they receive an unfair amount of public funding.
  3. Fairness in voice and influence – incorrect data also gives religious organisations a stronger voice and more influence than they actually deserve.
  4. Let’s be honest – New Zealanders deserve honest answers about the views we hold towards religion.
  5. Do it for you – Marking ‘No Religion’ in this year’s census can be a moment of personal clarity and liberation for you.

The current census data does not accurately reflect our country’s religious views

This is because a large number of New Zealanders mark that they belong to a religion in the census, when in fact they no longer really practise or hold those beliefs.

Census data is used by members of parliament, government, and many other organisations to inform a wide range of important decisions from the amount of public funding religious organisations receive, to the voice and influence religion is given in public affairs and media.

The next New Zealand Census will be held on Tuesday 7 March 2023, and we need it to accurately reflect what New Zealanders truly believe.

So, when you come to the question on religion, this is your chance to think carefully and decide whether you still see yourself as religious.

If you don’t see yourself as religious anymore, mark ‘No Religion’.

Are you still religious?

This census, you’ll be asked whether you hold religious beliefs, and it’s an important chance for you to think carefully about whether you still do.

If you’re no longer religious, mark ‘No Religion’ in the census.

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