Eileen Bone Award

Annual Award Given to a Pupil of Naenae College About to Attend Victoria University of Wellington

Organised by The Humanist Society. Supported by Naenae College. Funded by The Humanist Trust. Administered by The Victoria University of Wellington Foundation.

Eileen Bone was a Humanist, educator and teacher. At the end of her teaching career she was teaching at Naenae College near Wellington. When she died in 2000 she left a large sum of money for Humanist purposes, which became the Humanist Trust. To acknowledge Eileen and the importance of Naenae College the Humanist Society of New Zealand has applied to the Humanist Trust for, and been granted, money to offer a scholarship of $1000 a year for a first year of study at Victoria University of Wellington to a pupil of the college.

The scholarship was awarded twice in 2004 – once to a pupil who had just begun study, and later in the year to a pupil preparing to attend. It has been awarded yearly thereafter.

Recipient Awarded
Courtney Brown November 2012
Darryn Kouoi November 2011
Ross Jordan November 2010
Alycia Park November 2009
Olivia Krakosky November 2008
Natu Finau November 2007
Nikki Morgan November 2006
Jessica Chow November 2005
Jonnel Jaunique October 2004
Ruth Polaczuk April 2004

See the Humanist Trust Announcement and the Naenae College Scholarship Announcement and Eileen Bone‘s obituary

The Ray Carr Award

Occasional Award Given for Outstanding Services to Humanism in New Zealand



Recipient Year
Ray Carr 1990
Dr Jim Woolnough 1991
Jim Dakin 1991
Eric Grimes 1992
Peggy Slater 1993
Jack Shallcrass 1994
Eileen Bone 1995
Robert Miller 1999
Maureen Hoy 2000
Frank Dungey 2006
Gaylene Middleton 2018
Iain Middleton 2018