Ernst Beuzenberg

Ernst Beuzenberg, a Humanist member in Nelson died recently and in notifying us of her father’s death, his daughter told us that her father had always enjoyed our newsletters and email communications.

Bert Helm

A long time Humanist member from Christchurch, Bert Helm, died recently in August. Just before Bert died he had sent us a copy of his memoirs. This was very interesting to read.

Dorothy Offenberger

Dorothy Offenberger from Wellington died on 22 February 2007, age 82. She will be missed by all who knew her. We send our thoughts and sympathy to Peter Offenberger and family.

Derrick Read

Derrick Read from Auckland, a long standing Humanist marriage celebrant, died on 6 December 2006 age 82. He will be missed by all who knew him. We send our thoughts and sympathy to Linda Read and family.

Jack Mulheron

Jack Mulheron died April 26, 2006 age 81. A long term reader of NZ Humanist and in recent years a society member, Jack was a tireless fighter for Secular Education in New Zealand. Jack was a founder, secretary, and principal spokesperson for the Committee for the...

Jeanne van Gorkom

Jeanne van Gorkom died April 15 2006, age 75 years. Jeanne joined the Humanist Society in the late 1970s and served in a number of positions including the Wellington branch committee. She was elected president of the society in 1991, 1992, and 1996, and was a long...