Dave Bowron, a long standing Christchurch member died on 1 June at aged 88. Dave was a kind, principled and intelligent man who loved fly fishing. With his love for the rivers of Canterbury Dave was active in submission writing to the District Council over their water irrigation policies. Dave was born into a Methodist family, and became very active in a Presbyterian parish. As a Tanner he visited India and Pakistan several times and was horrified by the poverty he saw, especially the plight of the untouchable caste who also work in the Tanning industry. This experience caused Dave to question religion and on his return to NZ, withdrew from his Parish, causing much consternation. Dave enjoyed very much the writings of Lloyd Geering and joined the Humanist Society. The Christchurch earthquake on 22 February caused considerable damage to their home and Dave and his wife Angela moved to Cromwell to be with family. Dave suffered a severe stoke and died surrounded by his family and with his dog. Dave enjoyed receiving our magazine and newsletter and we have appreciated his support. Thank you Angela for sharing your recollections of David.