Humanist Newsletter October 2004


Kia Ora and hello: After our AGM on 19 September Dr Bob Brockie gave an interesting talk to a well attended meeting about two charismatic German thinkers. Both gained many followers of their theories: Ernst Haeckel was a gifted artist as well as an eminent biologist and his drawings of marine life with their wonderful spiralling forms were an inspiration for the artists of the Art Nouveau period of the early C19. Later in life he developed racial theories that were a major influence on Nazi ideology.

Rudolf Stenier developed mystical theories around agriculture but never published corroborating data. Today, main stream science refutes Steiner’s agricultural theory. A conclusion from the is talk was that remaining sceptical is a precaution against ideas and theories going feral and ending in gross distortion and fantasy. The editorial in the NZ Humanist Number 154 further develops this theme.

Last Meeting: An enjoyable evening was held discussing the history of and viewing the amazing erotic temples of India and Nepal.

October Monthly Meeting: Monday 4 October, Turnbull House. Wellington. All welcome. 7:30mp – 9pm Topic Anne Rainford, a Wellington Humanist member will lead an informal talk about her work at Arohata Woman’s Prison.

Remaining 2004 monthly meetings: Monday 8 November Proposed Topic: Humanist Ethics. Final meeting for 2004 is Monday 6 December:- Topic Christmas get together

Radio Access 11am 783 kHz Sunday 26 September and 24 October. A CD has been compiled and is available. This is a new initiative and costs are still being investigated. If you are interested please email Jeff. Further information next month.

Committee / Council meetings: Sunday 26 September and Sunday 24 October 10:45am Carolines 1/21 Rolleston St Mt Cook /Wellington.

AGM 2004 was held Sunday 19 September 2004. Officers for the coming year 2004/2005 President Iain Middleton Vice Pres Jeff Hunt Treasurer Kent Stevens Secretary(shared) Caroline Aurora Gaylene Middleton

Bill McLeod our able treasurer since 1999 has retired from this position. Thanks to Bill for all his work with us and we wish him the best for the future.

Email Discussion Group: Is now operating as

NZ Association of Rationalist and Humanists (Inc)
Conference: 16 October ‘The Tolerant Society and its Enemies.
Venue: Lecture Theartre WA220, Wellesley St, Auckland University of technology.
Register by 8 October (09) 373 5131 Email: [email protected]

Did you know? One tree is required to absorb the emissions from one tank of petrol. So if one tank of petrol is used per week, then 52 trees need to be planted per year per person. (Heard on National Radio afternoon programme.)