Humanist Newsletter May 2004


  • Kia Ora and hello:

    A pleasant and small AGM was held 3 April. We did not have a quorum as has happened in previous years. However the constitution declares in this eventuality that the President may nominate another time and place of meeting within 7 days and those who are there after 30 minutes of the starting time are a quorum who may ratify the already held AGM. Our monthly Committee/Council meeting 11 April 11:45am was nominated and at this meeting we ratified the proceedings of the 3 April AGM.

  • Marriage celebrants:

    Preceding the AGM, Jeanne van Gorkom gave a talk on the role of the Humanist Marriage Celebrant and the current situation of Humanist Marriage Celebrants in NZ. To ensure the continuity of this service in the future it was suggested that new celebrants be recruited. If you have an interest in becoming a Humanist Marriage Celebrant please contact the Society.

  • May monthly meeting:

    Monday 3 May Turnbull House Wellington. All welcome7:30pm Topic: Religion and Women.

  • Radio Access:

    11 am 783 kHz Sunday 9 May

  • Committee / Council meeting:

    Sunday 9 May 10:45 AM at Jeff and Joan’s 8 Amritsar Street, Khandallah Wellington.

  • AGM 2 2004:

    may be held Sunday 25 July. We have asked John Tamahere, Associate Minister of Maori Affairs to address us. However with a small attendance at our April AGM we are not at all certain that we can produce a reasonable audience. Your present committee would like to organise a successful seminar as has been achieved in the past. However, such an undertaking requires considerable effort and energy. At present we are working on developments such as the use of our website. It is our thought to perfect the small things and produce another magazine before venturing into larger endeavours. We are considering canceling John Tamahere and having a second simple AGM in July / August. Any thoughts on this issue welcomed. The financial report for year ending June 2004 will be presented.

  • Eileen Bone Humanist Trust Scholarship for 2004:

    This scholarship has been awarded to Ruth Polaczuk who is studying towards a conjoint degree in English and Science at Victoria University. For further information and photos taken at the AGM visit our website at click here

  • Snippets:

    from The Humanist Nov/Dec 2003 ‘Buy Nothing, improve Everything’ p.7 Adbusters is a Canadian anti-consumption and anti-corporate organisation that has started a Buy nothing Day- a 24 hour moratorium on consumer spending the Friday after Thanksgiving. This day, begun in 1997 offers a chance for all shoppers in North America to declare their objection to the Western culture of materialism by simply not shopping. Westerners spend much on frivolities while, as Peter Singer (a bioethics professor) describes it non-western ‘people are in danger of dying of starvation.. when there are agencies that can turn our modest donations into life saving food and basic medicines.’ Instead of spending money, we can spend time with each other . A humanist way to celebrate special occasions. (For example our Mothers Day?)

  • Quotable Quote:

    Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair It gives us something to do but gets us nowhere.