Humanist Newsletter June 2004


  • Kia Ora and hello:

    It was interesting to listen to reminiscences of 150 years of Parliament. Apparently the reason that the Parliamentary prayer is now read rather than said from memory is because a former speaker who thought he knew the prayer began wiht the following exhortation “Oh Almighty God who is in need of OUR Guidance…..!”

  • Obituaries

    Two of our members have died in recent months. Reckerby Syddell of Waiuku, Auckland, and Yann Fleming of Rangiora. Yann expressed a wish that a series of verses describing the Humanist Philosophy be read at his funeral. We extend our condolences to the families of Yann and Reckerby.

  • Last Meeting:

    Led by Iain, a discussion on how human sexuality, sexual dimorphism, and Greek dualism, combined with monasticism and the influence of one religion on another led to discrimination againt women in many religions including Buddism, Manicheanism, Christianity, and Islam.

  • June monthly meeting:

    Monday 7 June Turnbull House Wellington. All welcome 7:30pm Topic: “What’s Humanistic about Jesus?” led by Kent Stevens. A supper will be provided.

  • Radio Access:

    11 am 783 kHz Sunday 6 June: As winter solstice approaches Jeff and Joan will present a programme in celebration of Humanism.

  • Committee / Council meeting:

    Sunday 6 June 10:45 AM at Caroline’s 1/21 Rolleston St, Mt Cook.

  • AGM 2 2004:

    John Tamahere has cancelled his attendance at our AGM on 25 July as insufficient members have indicated that they will attend on that day and so he can return to his electorate in Auckland.
    Consequently we will probably cancel the 25 July date adn hold the AGM for the year ending June 2004 at the normal time between late August and early October. Further details will be provided in the next newsletter.

  • Email Discussion Group:

    We would like to encourage communication with each other via email. Jeff Hunt would enjoy communicating with you on Humanist related subjects of your interest. To join his discussion group email Jeff Hunt at

  • Winter Solstice:

    Sunday 20 June from 11am. Everybody is invited to join in any of the following plans. At 11am meet at the car park at the top of Wright’s Hill to do a little maintenance on the trees we have planted there and to visit the two trees planted in memory of past loved members David McLeod and Eileen Bone. Afterwards we will return to Jeff and Joan’s at 8 Amritsar St, Khandallah for anything that is hot. At 2.30pm some of us might like to attend a Wellington Chamber Orchestra concert at the Ridley Centre, Wellington High School. Return to Jeff and Joan’s afterwards. Shared food or takeaways around the corner.

  • Article

    A History of Humanist Thought by Rosslyn Ives from Australian Humanist Autumn 2004 was reprinted here. It is omitted, but a search of the Internet will give other quality articles on this and similar Humanist themes.

  • Quotable Quote:

    “I think there is a worldwide market for about five computers.” IBM Chairman, Thomas Watson, 1943.