Posters are going up across New Zealand today as part of a national advertising campaign calling for New Zealanders who don’t practice a religion to identify as not religious in the upcoming Census on 6 March.

The campaign is led by the Humanist Society of New Zealand, who give a voice to the growing numbers of non-religious New Zealanders in public policy and debate on contemporary ethical issues.  The series of posters will appear in street advertising for the next two weeks.

Sara Passmore, President of the Humanist Society of New Zealand, said, “Non-religious beliefs and values are held by a majority of New Zealanders. Most people are happy living ethical and fulfilling lives without participating in a religion. Yet, we know that when it comes to the Census, many people identify as religious because that is how they were raised.

“This campaign is hoping to connect to those people. As people in New Zealand are proud to identify as not religious we can move faster towards a fully secular society where the rights and beliefs of everyone are respected, protected, and celebrated.”

In the 2013 census the number of New Zealanders who stated that they had no religious affiliation grew to over 41%. No religion is the fastest growing belief group in the country.

“We want to encourage New Zealanders who are not religious to stand up and say so in this year’s Census.”

Access all the artwork for the campaign here.

Visit the website CensusNoReligion to find out more.