Volunteering with SOCH, the Nepalese Humanist Society and Ambience International School.

Eleanor Middleton has recently returned from Kathmandu, Nepal, where she has spent the past year volunteering with SOCH, the Nepalese Humanist Society and helping with activities at their Humanist school, Ambience International School. At the school Eleanor helped with teaching science and supported a young class in their desire to establish a school library. Eleanor will share with us the vision of SOCH to provide secular, rational and science based schooling in a society where Hinduism is entwined in all areas of daily life.


Thank you from Ambience International School: The Humanist Council has forwarded funds to Ambience International School to cover the sponsorship of three students and to upgrade staff facilities. Two sponsorships have been provided by Humanist Society members and the third is being shared by Humanist Society Council members. Kuldip Aryal from the Ambience School Management Team has written to us confirming that the money sent has been received. Kuldip has written to us: ‘A heartfelt thanks to HSNZ family from Ambience family as well as SOCH family for your help and support. I have no word to appreciate you for your willingness to help us.’