Rahma SirajCongratulations to Rahma Siraj from Naenae College, winner of this year’s Eileen Bone Award. The Eileen Bone award is a scholarship of $1000 given to help fund a first year of study at the Victoria University of Wellington.

Rahma says about the award:

I came to New Zealand as a refugee from Eritrea with my mother and sisters when I was a year old and have lived in the Lower Hutt area ever since. I have 3 older sisters aged between 22 to 25 years and one younger sister aged 14.

This year at Naenae College I studied Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics with Statistics and History and next year I will go to Victoria University and to do a conjoined degree in BA (History) and Law.

I am very excited about next year and am looking forward to beginning this next step in my education.

I thank the Eileen Bone Foundation for this scholarship. I plan to use the scholarship to buy text books and to help with my travel costs to and from Lower Hutt.

More details about the award can be found here.